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As we are very busy pretty well all of the time now, less time has been devoted to this blog, and an October entry is unlikely to be added at this point, even September’s entry was rather truncated ( but may be amended later ).

The reason for the title of this months opening title is probably self explanatory and leading to the subject matter and possibly another rant about the iniquities of synth repairs.

We have two Access Viruses right now, both being Digital synths and both exhibiting very strange issues which escape the realms of normal diagnosis, one is a Virus A and the other a rack XL (Virus C), we are narrowing in on the possible faults slowly but surely, but it is time consuming and life would be so much easier with some help from the manufacturer, or even the availability of some kind of schematics on the net.
Alas we have neither, and emailing the company that handles Access Tech Support is a dead end.

There is a sort of music urban myth wisdom that all Analogue synths will fail in time, but all Digitals should last forever, but we are seeing more and more ten year old Virtual Analogues starting to die for a startling variety of reasons, the wear and tear on components is not limited to the Analogue domain.

In one week this month, we had the Viruses, a TC Electronics compressor, and two Korg Ms2000’s on the bench, all using the same DSP chips, memory chips and similar DAC’s to each other, the only differences being the CPU of choice and how they connected the peripherals (pots, switches and LED’s). As this is where most of the faults lie, can’t they just release this information, who is going to spend the time reverse engineering a 10 year old product which could not be reproduced anyway as the DSP chips are out of production for several years?

If asked if we could recommend any Access product as a secondhand buy, we would say no, if it breaks you are pretty well hosed.

As for the others, they are all repaired and back with their owners!
That little extra support by the manufacturers made all the difference.


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