Synthesizer repairs

How do you repair a Synthesiser?

The first thing is to get as detailed a diagnosis as possible from the client.
Any little niggle, fault, button that doesn’t work, it’s all important.

The second thing is documentation, both the user and service manuals. Thankfully most of these are available on the web these days.

The third thing is the availability of the parts required to repair your synth (drum machine FX unit etc.).
Some of these have become very expensive in the last few years and some have become very scarce, meaning buying from the far flung corners of the world is very likely and time consuming.

At Retroactivesynth we try to maintain an inventory of IC’s used in synths at a useful level to try and expedite repairs quickly.

We do conversions to 230V power as a matter of course and to the Semko Scandinavian standards (the most stringent in Europe).

Fourthly, good test equipment, the more expensive the better, we have spent far more money on test gear than on buying synths… such is life.

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