Korg Synth Repairs


There are a lot of Monopoly’s in Ireland. Almost all of them that we have seen are in amazingly good cosmetic condition, all knob caps present, all slide switches working, no major damage to the chassis.

The only common fault has been faulty keyswitches, you know, the Ivory, Grey and Orange keyswitches that select keyboard mode, hold, chord memory etc.
The less common faults can be absolutely anything, untuneable oscillators, dead envelope generators, LFO problems. The SSM oscillator chip is pretty well unobtainable at this time but thankfully we haven’t had a dead one yet. Actually tuning the VCO’s is not as straight forward as the manual states, because it uses the colour of wires as the identifier for each oscillator, and this is either inaccurate or Korg changed the colour codes during production and didn’t update the documentation.

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